Creating Brilliance Together


We collaborate with people from across the industry, seeking diversity of ideas and perspectives to achieve a common goal: LIGHTING BRILLIANCE. This teamwork promotes trust in each other’s competence that adds value to every project. And together, celebrate success.


Our team composition includes not only lighting designers but also architects, interior designers and engineers. We can crossover to other disciplines like architecture, interior design, landscape and engineering works -BUT WE DON’T! Because these are not our strength or specialisation. Lighting Design is. We leave architecture to Architects, Interior Design to Interior Designers, Engineering works to Engineers. But let us assist you in lighting design. Work with us.


Collaborating with us can benefit you so you and your team can focus on the development and distribution of your products. Our lighting design services can bring new ideas for product development as we share plans, concepts and ideas from the perspectives of the clients. When you commission us for a project, you allow us to familiarize ourselves with your product lines for use in other projects.

This site is also open to featuring newly-completed projects, new lighting products and brands for promotion.