Some Delightful Facts

About Us.

We started dimly lit and trod into the unknown until we saw light.

Story of Our Light.

We were founded in the Philippines when Lighting Design in the country, in the mindset of property developers and even of some architects and engineers, was either non-existent and therefore taken for granted or can only be commissioned to foreign designers. Since then, we at Toespin have grown to be one of the pioneers in the industry and pride ourselves in providing professional and personalized service.

Having 200+ projects spread over a decade of accomplishments isn’t the ace up our sleeves. Rather, it is our commitment to share our knowledge to those we encounter along the way. We are passionate about educating our clients about lighting -its technicalities and advantages. Advancements in the lighting world has gone turbo in the last decade especially with LEDs. Many substandard lighting parts and products flood the market. This flooding lends itself to a variety of problems foremost of which being the safety of the buildings and their occupants. Our team guides our clients in choosing and evaluating lighting products using the latest instruments in lighting measurement such as handheld spectrometers and integrating sphere.

At Your Service

Lighting + Controls (BMS) Design

We offer you, collectively, over three decades of lighting design experience. With design exposures in every discipline such as commercial, industrial, residential, sports and urban development, we commit to give the most optimum design  that is fit for purpose.

Services include:

  • Conceptual Design
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documentation
  • Construction Management

Lighting Testing Lab

Lighting Testing Laboratory. Using the latest technology in luminaire testing, we provide accurate analysis of your lighting fixtures to ensure you are getting the right product. We use an integrating sphere that measures the quantity and quality of light of a specific lighting fixture.

Tested parameters

  • Photometric parametersThe luminous flux, luminous efficiency, radiation power
  • Colorimetric parameters: The relative spectral power distribution Pλ, chromaticity coordinate (x,y),(u,v), CCT Tc, CRI Ra, SDCM, peak wavelength λp, spectral half width Δλ, main wavelength λd, Color purity, etc.
  • Electric parametersForward voltage, forward current, reverse voltage, constant current, voltage, current, power, power factor, etc.

Lighting Standardization

Lighting standards play an important role in ensuring that all lighting products, controls and services meet your needs and are adopted across every location and property. Standardising the lighting system is protecting public’s safety and health. It also allows for global hardware management wherein lighting SKUs can be circulated or shared across all the company’s branches. 

Toespin will help you set your lighting standards for every location, indoor or outdoor. Architects, engineers and lighting consultants will be guided by the standards set by the company such as Illumination levels, quality of light, hardware specifications (mechanical, electrical, thermal and optical).

Lighting Seminars

Switch on, switch off. Focus narrow, focus wide. Dim low, dim high. So how deep is your connection with lighting? Lighting fixtures  + controls are becoming more and more responsive to our needs for clean and environment-friendly living. Modern times are here and now when you can control the color temperature of your light to adjust according to your circadian rhythm and you can choose lamps with high lumen output and color rendering index to compliment your skin color. Color temp what? Color index what? Lumen what?

Allow us to tell you more -in English! There’s a lot to know about lighting. While there is a lot in store for you attending our seminars, there’s something in it for us, too. The more people understand lighting, the less difficult our job will become.