The interior design of the Ikea Philippines store is known for its unique modernity and functionality. The lights play an important role in the design scheme of the store, carefully designed to make the place look inviting.

The lighting design is a fusion of SM Lighting Standards which was developed by Toespin, and IKEA world standards. It is intended to offer a variety of functions to customers and visitors. The purpose of the lighting design is to create a pleasant environment while showing the IKEA products and offering a variety of functions to visitors. Our lighting designers tried to achieve this by creating a dynamic and exciting atmosphere that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The lighting design in the Ikea Philippines store is a mixture of bright and soft lighting, which is complemented by the use of various kinds of textures. The lights are not too bright; instead they emit soft light, which makes for comfortable shopping all throughout the store. It includes natural and artificial lighting, which creates a soothing ambiance.

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We commit ourselves to the design of lighting as an integral part of architectural interior and exterior designs beginning with consultations on the conceptual implications of light to the project. The services include the development and detailed specifications of lighting systems, lighting fixtures and lighting controls, coordination of the lighting system with the architectural details, and the detailed follow-through required to achieve the lighting concepts in the finished projects.  

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